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Coffee Beans:

The discovery of coffee goes as far back as the Ninth century, but the only credible evidence appeared in the fifteenth century. It was enjoyed as a beverage because it drove weariness and fatigue off, giving one the energy to get-up-and-go.


Brewing coffee throughout history:

For more than a hundred years, getting a cup of coffee has been a straightforward approach. Putting roasted ground coffee beans in a coffee pot, adding hot water and covered by a lid, in order to begin the actual infusion process, making a delicious cup of coffee.

Throughout the entire nineteenth century, and in the early twentieth century, it had been sufficient to put a bag of ground coffee beans, into a coffee pot or peculator, bring it to the boiling point, right up until it smelled proper. The coffee brew was poured into a coffee cup and enjoyed whenever needed. This tradition, over a hundred and twenty five years old, and its unique design, needed little changing.

Modern life has changed, becoming very rushed.

Today making a cup of coffee has become even easier in spite of the rushed lifestyle. We do not always have time to make coffee like a coffee connoisseur. In order to overcome this problem, many coffee machines are designed with a push button program system. This will provide coffee just the way one would like it. Therefore, even if life is on the run and in a hurry, one can still enjoy coffee brewed to satisfaction.


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