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This article will allow comparison between  Melitta coffee makers and their unique features and user benefits. Here you can compare melitta coffee makers.

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The Melitta 12-cup Coffee Brewer.

The Melitta 12 cup coffee maker has three settings, to preset the machine to your taste, so you may drink coffee just the way you want it.


  • Regular: It is faster and produces its own distinct flavor.
  • Bold: Is a normal setting for the in-between, not too fast, not too slow. Having its own distinctive flavor.
  •  Robust: For a richer coffee flavor.

These features allow selection for personal preference, as the quality of your coffee will be controlled by these three easy settings.The Machine is capable of hotter brewing temperatures. This is a plus, as you can set the way coffee is brewed, for a great taste. This Melitta drip coffee maker is programmable and has settings that control the temperature of the pot plate. This lets you set the time for brewing your coffee. A temperature sensor on the plate of the pot controls the temperatures. The reviews I have read say that these melitta coffee machines are sturdy and built well to last a long time.

However, it does not have a built in water filter, but you could use water from your own filter. Click here for the Melitta 12-cup Coffee Brewer.


Melitta Espresso Maker.

The espresso coffee machine was first invented in Italy as early as 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. Espresso is a concentrated beverage brewed by way of pumping hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. This Melitta espresso maker built for easy use and has a powerful 15 bar pump, which makes froth for lattes and other drinks. The Melitta coffee pod is easy to use, alternately ground espresso coffee beans can also be used.


  • A powerful fifteen bar Italian Pump motor.
  •  State-of-the-art fastener filtration system holder developed for quick, effortless use.
  • Easily-removed water reservoir.
  • Makes use of quick serve espresso pods, also ground espresso beans.
  •  Heats water rapidly to produce extremely hot water on demand.

You will find there is a bar around the handle area of the model that enables one to pull-up or lower, to lock or unlock the espresso pod. This means you will eliminate awkward twisting of the espresso holding chamber. Simply glide it into the machine and lock into place by using the handle. This appealing machine, created by Melitta, is amongst the earliest and most well known coffee makers. You will not be disappointed! Click here for The Melitta Espresso Maker.


Melitta 10-cup Thermal Coffee Brewer.

This Melitta has a Regular, Bold, and Robust setting allowing you to set the flow of the water as well as the water temperature dripping over the ground coffee beans. The controls are on the front for setting coffee preferences. It is programmable, a tremendous plus when getting up early and in a hurry, you can just grab your coffee on your way out. A real neat feature of this Melitte model is its ability to keep the coffee piping hot just like a coffee pot warmer, without it staying on all the time. It does not take up much counter space, as it is not that large or bulky. The water reservoir is top-filled and is not removable. The Melitta 10-cup Coffee Brewer has a lovely clean style. It is not space age neither old-fashioned. Click here for the coffee maker Melitta 10-cup brewer.


Melitta Dual Travel Coffee Maker Takes 2 Stainless Steel Travel Mugs.

The Melitta 2 cup coffee maker is exceptionally suitable as a travel coffee maker. It can also brew one or two mugs of coffee at the same time. This model comes with two travel mugs, covered in stainless steel with rubber grips.


  •  Auto turns off soon after brewing.
  • An easily removed filter liner, and a window to view the water level.
  •  Twin spout detaches for quick cleaning.
  • Makes use of #2 paper cone shaped filter.


What is first-class regarding this filter coffee maker is that you can make one or two cups simultaneously. This is a cool benefit for this model.This coffee maker can also make tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages, I read a Melitta coffee maker review where some people use it to make hot water for instant noodles or a cup of soup. With this model, you will always be able to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, especially for those who like gourmet coffee. It is mostly made of strong durable plastic, fortunately it is well-built and durable. The coffee can be kept hot or at least warm enough to drink up to two hours. The mug circumference is slightly larger than most, so it may not easily fit into every car or truck cup holder. This coffee maker comes with 2 Stainless Steel Travel Mugs, and makes a delightful inexpensive gift. Click here for the Melitta Dual Travel Coffee Maker

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